Our aim, quality

We have been producing and exporting from the Region of Murcia since 1968. Our principal crop is Charentais melons(Cantalup). We currently sell them with the brand name Soleil Royal.

 As well as our melon business, Cano Nature produces  6000TN of broccoli, calico artichokes and  lettuce hearts.

For several years Cano Nature has been diversifying its production with products from Almería such as courgettes, vine tomatoes, aubergines and peppers.

Cano Nature produces and sells 12000TN of melons per year between 15 april and 15 october.

  • Service and Distribution
  • What makes us different?
  • Commitment
  • Service and Distribution

    Our name is identified with a Quality Service and Distribution. Our team's experience and competitive character make us be integrated by efficient and reliable partners who are able to make sales in a dynamic way. Our criteria are:

    Quality steadiness
    Adequate purchase price and commercial quality
    New consumption trend
    Advanced technology

    What makes us different?

    • Passion for quality: Our objectives are based on optimizing quality. We are extremely demanding in the selection of our products.
    • Good commercial results: An awareness of the most attractive and reliable products over the whole campaign.
    • Melons with tastes and aromas which exceed customers expectations.
    • Customer satisfaction: Soleil Royal contributes to customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our first concern is the customer. 

    Commitment to sustainable development.

    • Personnel: Employment of local labour and commitment to employing people at risk of social exclusion.
    • Environment: Field rotation and use of environmentally friendly chemical products.
    • Consumers: Each stage of production is digitalized, permitting complete traceability. Abscence of pollutants or health risks.